ZIPS Coast to Coast: How ZIPS Works in Any Market

The ZIPS® system has what it takes to work in any market. How? Because we meet the needs of busy people who still require top-notch garment care. We clean it all, meaning that for customers across the country ZIPS is a one-stop-garment-care-shop. Plus, people are carefully spending their money at businesses, like ZIPS, that demonstrate a dedication to reducing environmental impact.

We Clean It All

One reason ZIPS can thrive in markets nationwide is because, quite simply, people nationwide have fabrics that need cleaning. No matter where a customer lives, they can’t shove their wool coat in their washer at home, nor can they toss in a silk dress. ZIPS is the place to care for their clothes properly.

But we don’t stop there; even if you live somewhere that isn’t known for harsh winters, ZIPS also cleans garments like formal wear, sports jerseys, costumes and more. Because ZIPS cares for all types of garments and fabrics, we are able to meet the garment care needs of any markets.

The Market Size is There

In 2016, the total market size of the laundry and dry cleaning industry in the United States was calculated to be $10 billion, according to Grand View Research. This indicates that people are already using dry cleaning services all over the country. And by putting a ZIPS in a consumer’s area, we can improve their dry cleaning experience.

People in communities nationwide are looking for a dry cleaner that fits their busy, modern lifestyles. ZIPS is that dry cleaner. We’ve perfected dry cleaning with our one low price and our in by 9 out by 5 guarantee. By franchising with ZIPS, you can provide your community with their ideal dry cleaner while joining a $10 billion industry.

Customers Appreciate our Dedication to Going Green

One way ZIPS stands out from other dry cleaners is our commitment to reducing our environmental impact. And while levels of “greenness” vary by region and state, the country as a whole is experiencing a green movement. According to Nielsen and The Conference Board® Global Consumer Confidence Survey, 69% of people in North America find it extremely or very important that companies implement programs to improve the environment. ZIPS is one of those companies.

We encourage our customers to bring back hangers so we can reuse them, and so they don’t end up in landfills. We also make it a point to use 100% recyclable plastic bags — that we also use fewer of by using one bag for every five shirts. No matter where your ZIPS will be located, there will be customers who appreciate — and support — ZIPS’ dedication to reduce our waste.

Because we clean all types of fabrics and garments, are in a $10 billion industry and customers appreciate our company’s goal to consciously reduce our impact on the environment, ZIPS has the opportunity to thrive in markets coast to coast. If you are ready to bring a ZIPS into your community, please reach out for more information about the ZIPS franchise opportunity.

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