Why ZIPS Franchise Support is Second-to-None

ZIPS Cleaners® makes sure that all of our franchisees have extensive ongoing support to empower them and their businesses. It all starts with a comprehensive, six-week training course and continues through marketing, connecting with fellow franchisees and everything else our franchisees might need.

Comprehensive Training

We share all of our secrets during franchisee training at our 6,000-sq-ft, state-of-the-art training center in Elkridge, Maryland. While at training, you will also complete your manager certification, receive sustainable business education and master the ZIPS One-Touch Philosophy, thanks to a combination of hands-on and classroom learning.

Once your time at the training center is complete, you’ll be matched with an experienced franchisee and train in their store. This gives you the opportunity to flex your new dry cleaning skills in addition to troubleshooting any issues on the fly. Pretty soon, excellent dry cleaning and top-notch customer service will be second-nature.

Ongoing Support

With ZIPS, support doesn’t stop with training. We’re here to support you at every step of your ZIPS franchise journey, from operations to long-term planning.

Franchise Support Specialists

Your ZIPS franchise support specialist is your point person. You can call them for help with operations, questions and continuing your ZIPS education. Franchise support specialists offer support on-site, on the phone and via email. They have knowledge of the entire ZIPS Cleaners operation, meaning they can help franchisees with a little bit of everything, including specialized training.

Franchisee Advisory Council

Support doesn’t just mean asking corporate team members questions. It means having a voice and an open dialogue. The Franchise Advisory Council is made up of franchisees that meet with the Home Office Team each quarter. They work with corporate to review company initiatives, discuss business trajectory and develop systemwide innovations. Each meeting also includes open-forum discussions where Council members can voice concerns of their fellow franchisees.

Marketing Support

ZIPS’ marketing expertise helps you get customers in the door by utilizing data to guide you in your unique market. We learn who is in your community, how to reach them and how to translate that into more business for your ZIPS store. Then we pass that knowledge onto you.

Local Marketing Support

Our local marketing efforts are driven by two core principles: no one knows your community quite like you do, and you don’t have to do it alone. All ZIPS franchisees have access to our easily customizable marketing materials. We have the library of materials; you have the hometown know-how. Combined, you get marketing that makes a positive impact on your business.

Grand Opening Support

We help each franchisee throw a grand opening celebration designed to get your community excited about having a ZIPS in the neighborhood. Our data analytics helps us figure out the secret sauce that will get your friends and neighbors into your new, local ZIPS Cleaners.

A combination of comprehensive training, ongoing support and unmatched marketing support makes ZIPS franchise support second-to-none. If you’re ready to join a franchise system that has your back every step of the way, get in contact with ZIPS Dry Cleaners today.

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