We’re Taking Our Competition to the Cleaners

ZIPS® has never been a traditional dry cleaner, and we’re pretty proud of that fact. We approach the industry with a fresh perspective, clearing out the clutter of traditional dry cleaning models.

How the Traditional Model Works

The dry cleaning industry is fragmented with single-store establishments. Some offer full cleaning services, some don’t, and there’s little consistency. Long turnaround times and complicated price structures are common.

Many consumers just accept those traditional ways of doing things, but deep down they’re looking for something better. Even dry cleaners, and people looking to join the industry, can benefit from a disruption to that outdated model. That’s why the dry cleaning industry is so primed for the ZIPS revolution.

How ZIPS is Different

1. We Support our Franchisees

Instead of learning the hard way or guessing through your first few years, wouldn’t it be nice to have the support of industry leaders with combined 200+ years of experience in the field? And wouldn’t it be even better if they provided hands-on training and ongoing post-sale support?

Being a ZIPS franchisee means having access to the wealth of experience and the proven system we’ve developed to help you create a business that disrupts the small-time mentality that makes up 98% of the current industry.

2. Our System Creates Price Points that Can’t be Beat

Through a streamlined process and cutting down on wasteful expenses like costly, and environmentally awful, plastic bags and tissue paper, we’re able to provide consumers with a single, low price point that fits their budget and keeps them coming back.

While the rest of the industry is clinging to complicated price structures, different for each item and each fabric, and dependant upon which store you happen to go to that day, we’re turning pricing into a selling point by keeping it simple and consistent across the brand.

3. We Keep it All In-House

The traditional dry cleaning model includes a peculiar practice that many consumers aren’t even aware of. Instead of having dry cleaning equipment on-site, they ship the garments to a cleaning facility, clean them, then ship them back. For us, a company that values speed and efficiency, that wasn’t going to fly.

Each of our locations houses all the equipment needed to provide all the services our consumers want, and to do so as quickly as they need. That efficiency allows our franchise locations to operate at a higher volume than the competition. Higher volume equals more business and more satisfied customers.

4. Multi-Unit Possibilities

Opening one startup is tough enough, let alone getting to the point that you’re able to open a second or third location. ZIPS franchises are the perfect option for someone who’s looking to open multiple units at once or who dreams of owning multiple locations down the line.

We even offer designated market areas so you can turn your ZIPS into a neighborhood establishment, build a following, and corner the market across locales.

5. We Take Care of the High-End Marketing

It’s a fact today that marketing matters. Getting your name in front of the consumer is more important than ever, and the majority of mom-and-pop dry cleaners haven’t kept up with the latest technology.

ZIPS is always forward-focused, and one of the ways we’re disrupting the dry cleaning industry is by providing our franchisees with industry-leading marketing across all the platforms that pique the interest of the modern consumer. You also get top-quality branding and name recognition that small startups could only dream of.

That ZIPS difference, with our streamlined process and ongoing support, is disrupting the dry cleaning industry in all the right ways.


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