Take a Look Behind the Seams: ZIPS Operations

ZIPS® has made our mark on the industry, introducing a streamlined model that’s changing the way people think about dry cleaning. Our single, low price and our same-day guarantee set us apart from the predominately mom-and-pop competition. Every customer can see the ZIPS difference from the moment they drop off their items. But there’s so much more that goes into making ZIPS a unique opportunity, and smart investment, as a franchise.

Chris Allsbrooks, Director of Store Operations for ZIPS, has been instrumental in turning ZIPS into the outstanding franchise opportunity it is today, and she’s helped us peek inside the operations of ZIPS, showing how the whole team is here to support our franchisees.

The ZIPS Model

With so much of the dry cleaning industry fragmented with mom-and-pop shops, we knew from the start that ZIPS would be in a class by itself. Thanks to our unique model, both in the way we help our customers and the way we train our franchisees, we’re able to maximize the potential of each of our locations.

“I really loved the model that they had,” says Chris. “Coming from an association for dry cleaners, it amazed me the sheer volume that went through their stores. I just really wanted to know how they did it and how they did it every day. What ZIPS does in a day is what a lot of mom-and-pops do in a week.”

That volume makes a huge difference in the ability of ZIPS dry cleaners to outshine the competition. Our model makes it easy for your ZIPS team to handle the high demands of your customers, and we’ll teach you exactly how to achieve that level of service.

The Training We Provide

Maybe you have 25 years of industry experience like Chris, or maybe you’ve never successfully gotten a stain out of anything in your life. Either way, the ZIPS operations team is here to make sure that, by the time you finish our comprehensive training system, you’re an expert on all things clean.

As Chris puts it, “We take someone who’s never been involved in the dry cleaning industry and we teach them how to be a dry cleaner, and we teach them how to do it the ZIPS way. We have a great recipe and if they follow the recipe, they’ll get great results.”

With six weeks of training on everything from store management to equipment operations, you can rest assured that you’re getting the highest-quality instruction in the industry, designed and delivered by experts in the field. And that support continues for as long as you’re a franchisee.

The Ongoing Operational Support

“I love going into the store. I love talking to the people in the store. I love the managers and employees that we have in our stores,” says Chris. “When I’m working on procedures and I get bogged down on wording and pictures and formatting and stuff, I’ll just go to a store to just recharge.” That’s the type of connection our operations team has with every one of our franchisees.

When you need additional advice, a tip on a tough stain, or any other assistance with your franchise, ZIPS is here to keep you running smoothly. That’s just one of the many advantages to franchising with one of the top names in the business.

Contact us today to find out how you can start delivering the ZIPS difference to your market.

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