Surpassing Industry Standards with Your ZIPS Dry Cleaners Franchise

The dry cleaning industry isn’t known for its rapid change. The cleaning process has remained fairly consistent for years. So when a company comes along and turns that tradition on its head, you know they’re on to something special.

ZIPS® has created a system of success by looking hard at what those classic dry cleaners do well and looking harder at what ZIPS can do better. That’s led to innovations that make ZIPS a leader in the future of dry cleaning and a franchise opportunity that can’t be missed.

Some of these innovations are obvious to consumers, and some won’t be noticed until you’re behind the counter. But seeing how ZIPS is moving beyond the old ways of the mom and pop shop is crucial to understanding what makes our system different.

Garments Stay in the Store

You may be surprised to learn that not all dry cleaners have all their equipment on site. Many cleaners will tag the items then ship them off to who knows where to actually be cleaned. At ZIPS, we believe it makes more sense to clean everything at the same location where it’s dropped off, saving the customer money and everyone time. That’s why each of our locations have onsite machines and equipment to provide the best service in less time.

This is one of the ways we can stand by our “In by 9, Out by 5” promise, guaranteeing that any item brought in by 9am will be ready by 5pm on the same day at the latest. By eliminating the need for shipping, customers get their garments back faster and we can focus on volume.

Our Price Structure is Simple

Break out your calculators. Or use ours. It’s time to guess how much your dry cleaning bill is likely to be at the other guys. Ok, you’ve got two suits, three dresses, and that bulky comforter. How much extra did they charge for that last time? Will the silk dress cost more? What about that pesky stain? These are the kinds of questions that make people give up and just try their luck with a washing machine, then usually regret it even more when their favorite blouse is destroyed.

At ZIPS, we didn’t feel that giving customers math homework with every order was the best way to approach something like dry cleaning. So instead we created a simple, easy to remember, one-price-per-item structure that streamlines the process on both sides of the counter. Each piece a customer brings in will cost one low price, no matter the size, style, or material.

Eliminating Waste Saves Money and the Environment

The dry cleaning industry has become synonymous with plastic bags. With some cleaners, each garment gets its own bag that gets stuffed in the back of your closet for a few weeks before it eventually ends up in a landfill. That didn’t sit well with us, so we decided to set an example.

We use one bag for every five shirts. That alone saves on waste and saves us money on supplies – savings we can pass directly on to the consumer. But we go a step further and use eco-friendly, biodegradable bags to cut down on plastic pollution even more. All of this makes ZIPS an eco-friendly alternative to some other franchise opportunities.

Dry cleaning may seem like a science that was mastered long ago, but ZIPS is proving there’s always room for innovation. With our proven system of in-house attention, easy-to-understand pricing and environmental accountability, ZIPS is on track to set and surpass the industry standards.

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