How ZIPS’ History in Dry Cleaning Helps Franchisees

ZIPS Cleaners ® is nearly 20 years old, and that history has a powerful effect on our daily business and operations. Because ZIPS was started by owner-operators, it has been designed for owner-operators to work smarter, not harder. Plus, ZIPS franchisees are able to rely on the years of expertise of the original founders who still own ZIPS franchises and make themselves a resource to other franchisees.

ZIPS History

ZIPS history begins in the early aughts when eight Baltimore-Washington Metro Area dry cleaners decided to band together as one, singular brand. When these heavyweights joined forces, more than two hundred years of dry cleaning experience and expertise was combined.

All of that combined dry cleaning knowledge allowed the original ZIPS founders to perfect the entire dry cleaning process. That streamlined, perfected system was designed for more than mom-and-pop shops; this model was made to be replicated. That’s why it works for our franchisees regardless of their previous dry cleaning experience.

For Owner-Operators, by Owner-Operators

We started as a group of dry cleaner owner-operators who knew that our individual systems could be improved. Because we understand the ins and outs of the industry, the ZIPS process has been designed to support owner-operators. We knew the places that dry cleaners are likely to lose time, money and garments; then we eliminated those for the franchisees in the ZIPS system.

Streamlined Operations

Most of our dry cleaning is done on-site. That means ZIPS teams aren’t spending time packing up garments or waiting on end-of-day deliveries. Our cutting-edge machines and equipment are in the back of almost every store, streamlining the process and reducing risk.

Of course, owning and operating a ZIPS is more than just dry cleaning. There are other processes crucial to our business, and ZIPS has streamlined them all. From customer check-in, to sorting and tagging garments, to balancing transactions, to customer check-out, we’ve made every process simpler, saving franchisees time and money while making the jobs of their employees easier.

Superior Support

It’s no secret that ZIPS’ franchise support is unmatched. Our history only adds to the different ways we support our franchisees. Some of the original ZIPS founders are franchisees and still involved with the company. That means our franchisees can pick up the phone and ask a bona fide ZIPS expert any question they might have about managing their business or the dry cleaning industry.

ZIPS’ history has concrete benefits for our franchisees. Our company was created by owner-operators, for owner-operators and still utilizes support from our founders. If you’re ready to join a franchise system with a history that helps franchisees, take the next steps on your ZIPS franchise journey.

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