How ZIPS Delivers High Franchisee Satisfaction

One of the biggest reasons to join a franchise system is the support you get from your franchisor. That support, if done well, helps you improve your business and gain more satisfaction from the experience. And when it comes to franchisee satisfaction, ZIPS® is in a class by itself.

Every aspect of the ZIPS franchise system, from the support we provide to each of our franchisees to our Franchisee Advisory Council is designed to make your business even better. You could take our word for it, or you could read on to hear it directly from our satisfied franchisees.

We Support You Every Step of the Way

“They stay with you for the first week you open,” says Beth Flynn, a multi-unit franchisee from Virginia. “They’re actually in-store from open to close with you. Any problems you’re encountering, they’re right there with you going through everything.”

Our corporate staff will be there to help you from the moment you sign on, through the grand opening, and beyond. We want you to do the best job possible, for yourself, your customers, and the ZIPS brand, so we give you all the support we can. When any ZIPS franchisee has questions or concerns, we’re there to help them through, building their confidence and their satisfaction all at once.

We Have a Great Franchisee Community

In addition to gaining the support of the ZIPS corporate office, our franchisees become a part of an incredible community of franchisees around the country, all of whom work together to make the entire ZIPS brand even better. Tiffany Hawkins, a multi-unit franchisee, says it best:

“The ZIPS franchisee community is a really great, well-rounded community. You’ve got people who have been dry cleaning since they were eight. You have people who are really great business people, strong investors, people who are leaving their jobs or want to try something different. The ZIPS franchise community is so diverse, and this business model can support whatever your background is.”

If you want to be a part of not just a company but a community of business owners who all strive for the same quality and satisfaction, look no further than ZIPS.

We Listen to Our Franchisee Advisory Council

We wouldn’t be able to do this without our franchisees. And ZIPS wouldn’t be the outstanding company it is today if we didn’t listen to our franchisees’ ideas. One way we do that is with our Franchisee Advisory Council where we connect with our franchisees and keep them active in what’s happening with ZIPS.

“The Franchisee Advisory Council is very meaningful,” says Tiffany Hawkins. “The greatest value is that ZIPS talks to us about what they’re thinking about, what’s on the horizon, what’s working and what’s not working. They bring new ideas to the table, things they’re thinking about, and they allow us to give our feedback, vote on it, converse with other stores to decide if we want to do it or not. We have a vote and we have a say in the direction of the brand and the business.”

When you’re examining different franchise systems, think about how satisfying it will be to have a franchisor who really listens to you and keeps you engaged in the company’s future.

We Build Our Business on Satisfied Customers

A business owner is only ever as satisfied as their customers. That’s why customer service has always been so important to ZIPS. We enjoy putting our customers first because, for as much as we deal with clothes, we’re a people business, and we want franchisees who understand the importance of customer satisfaction.

That’s why some of the best advice that we can give you is all about dealing with people. According to Bashir Shams, another multi-unit franchisee, “Make sure you have people skills. You will enjoy it when you understand people: your employees and your customers. The financial reward is just icing on the cake.”

Taking care of your customers, connecting with your fellow franchisees, and getting support when you need it most are all fantastic reasons to choose a franchise system. We’re confident that ZIPS checks every one of those boxes, so contact us today to start your journey toward franchisee satisfaction.


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