How Our Streamlined Process is Disrupting the Dry Cleaning Industry

Process matters, whether you’re cleaning a stain out of a shirt or running multiple dry cleaning franchises. The streamlined process that ZIPS® has perfected is all about taking what works in the dry cleaning industry and making it even better, then ditching the rest. It’s about disrupting the traditional model to create value for franchisees and consumers alike. Here’s how we do that:

We Have a Simple Business Structure

It’s dry cleaning, not rocket science. So why make things more complicated than they need to be? We streamlined our business structure for our franchisees so that they can streamline the experience for their customers. That creates a turnkey business model that’s easy to join, operate, and grow.

How we do that is based on several factors that we’ve developed to disrupt an industry that’s set in its ways, even when those ways don’t work anymore:

  • Same day guarantee. Any customer who brings in their items before 9am gets them back by 5pm the same day. Guaranteed.
  • High volume, on-site cleaning. Instead of shipping pieces to a central cleaning facility, our franchises have full cleaning equipment on-site to provide the best care and fastest turnaround.
  • One price point. No matter what your customers bring in, it costs one price per piece that’s 60% less than other dry cleaners.

We do what any dry cleaner should ­­­do — clean garments. And we do it in the simplest way for our franchisees and our customers, so no time is wasted and no one has to worry about something as simple as dry cleaning.

We Understand the Industry

Our system boasts a 0% failure rate because we’ve taken the time to examine the industry as a whole and position ZIPS at the forefront of where the industry is going, not where it used to be. Our experience in the industry gives us confidence in our ability to revitalize it.

Through a streamlined, technology-savvy system that focuses on speed, efficiency, and a price that doesn’t shock customers into hand-washing all their clothes, ZIPS is able to disrupt not just the industry, but also the customers’ expectations.

That same efficiency means that the cost of goods is easily manageable for the franchisee. We cut back on some of the wasteful practices for which the rest of the industry is known; things like overuse of plastic bags. We only use one plastic bag for every five shirts — and ours are biodegradable.

We Offer Exclusivity

Compared to other franchise opportunities, dry cleaning has little competition. With 98% of the industry consisting of single-store, mom-and-pop operations, the possibilities for franchises, especially multi-unit operations, are high.

We offer designated market areas in a wide variety of communities so you can set up your ZIPS in the best market for you. And by promoting the ZIPS brand, we’re creating within the dry cleaning industry the same accessibility and recognition that’s turned other franchise-based companies into household names.

We Provide Extraordinary Support to Our Franchisees

Whether you buy, inherit, or start from scratch, a traditional dry cleaning startup comes with little to no ongoing support. The benefits of a franchise mean taking advantage of our combined 200+ years of experience in the dry cleaning industry and our willingness to help you gain valuable expertise. We also handle high-end brand marketing in ways that small shops just can’t match.

You may have never thought of yourself as a disruptor, but there are benefits to disrupting an industry that’s ready to evolve. Let ZIPS show you how industry disruption can be a big deal for you.


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