5 Reasons ZIPS Keeps Growing

It’s a fact: ZIPS® is growing. Our business model, multiple revenue streams, year-round business, top-notch support and modern approach to the industry are all reasons that ZIPS will continue our upward trajectory.

1. Efficient Business Model

Many mom-and-pop dry cleaners just serve as a middle man between customers and the people actually doing the dry cleaning. Not ZIPS. We perform most of our services onsite with state-of-the-art equipment. That means clothes aren’t spending time getting shuttled back and forth, they’re just getting cleaned. And we do it for one low price per garment.

ZIPS does more than other dry cleaners, and we do it faster and more efficiently. This simple business model allows our franchisees to clean more garments in a day, growing their business and ZIPS as a whole.

2. Multiple Revenue Streams

We handle all of our customers’ garment needs. In addition to offering dry cleaning services, we also care for and clean household items like comforters and shams. We even cover clothing alterations and laundry services. We’re a one-stop-shop for our customers’ garment needs. Having multiple revenue streams also means that our franchisees have a diversified business that provides space for growth.

3. Year-Round Business

Part of why ZIPS is growing nationwide is because our business is year-round. When people need their wool coats cleaned for winter, they choose ZIPS. When they need bridesmaids’ dresses altered for the spring wedding season, they choose ZIPS again. Our franchisees have business coming in throughout the year, and that keeps the ZIPS franchise growing regardless of the season or climate.

4. ZIPS Support

ZIPS franchisees get all of the support they need to grow. In addition to a comprehensive training program that turns our franchisees into garment care professionals, we also support them at every step of their franchise journey.

The Home Office Team checks in with each franchisee and can answer questions about customer analysis, equipment maintenance and marketing in addition to providing access to franchise support specialists. This support allows our franchisees to focus on their operations and margins. Supporting our franchisees’ is one of our favorite ways to grow the ZIPS brand.

5. Modern-Day Convenience

ZIPS is the dry cleaner for the modern era. Our world is fast-paced, and ZIPS knows how to keep up. Our customers need their garments cared for – quickly. That’s why our “in by 9 am, out by 5 pm” guarantee has disrupted the industry. Any garment brought in by 9 am will be ready by 5 pm on the same day – guaranteed. In this fast-paced world, that’s a game-changer.

These five reasons are just part of why ZIPS continues to thrive. Franchisee growth on a store level allows us, as a franchise family, to grow. If you are ready to join an industry-disrupting franchise system that is continually growing, let’s talk!

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