3 Reasons to Choose ZIPS Over Other Franchise Opportunities

Choosing a franchise opportunity is a big decision, and you want to know you’re making the best choice possible. After all the research and examination of your options, a few basic components can make one opportunity stand out over all the others.

You need a business model that surpasses the industry standards, a list of revenue streams that maximize the business potential, and a comprehensive training and support system that’s second-to-none. When all of those elements come together in one company, the choice doesn’t seem quite so daunting.

ZIPS® Dry Cleaners combines all of those pieces, creating a franchise opportunity that can’t be missed. To prove it, let’s look at three of the top reasons to choose ZIPS Dry Cleaners for your new franchise.

ZIPS Built an Unrivaled Business Model

When we set out to disrupt the dry cleaning industry, one of the first things we had to tackle was the complicated price structure that so many other dry cleaners seem to prefer. Every mom-and-pop dry cleaner has their own idea of how much a garment should cost to clean. Some even vary their prices by material. We decided that keeping things simple for our customers, and our franchisees, was the best way to do business.

At ZIPS, we charge one low price for any garment. This single step sets us apart from other dry cleaners and helps us build a business model that’s streamlined, efficient, and a huge hit with customers. No more wondering how much their dry cleaning bill will be. That’s something everyone can get behind. And that’s not all.

Any item that’s dropped off at a ZIPS location by 9am will be ready for same day pick-up by 5pm. That’s both a guarantee and a key component to our outstanding business model. We fit our customers’ schedules, giving them the convenience and the quality that they need, which keeps them coming back. No other dry cleaner has streamlined the model like ZIPS.

ZIPS Delivers Multiple Revenue Streams

Any business you choose needs to be able to maximize its profit potential. That means creating a variety of related revenue streams that give your customers all the services they need under one roof. ZIPS has perfected that part of the business too.

We offer our customers more than just dry cleaning services. We’re a one-stop-shop for garment care, including:

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Laundry Services
  • Household Item Care
  • Alterations

Some other franchise opportunities only offer one revenue stream. They wait for customers to come to them for one particular product line or service. For ZIPS, we cover our customers’ entire scope of garment care needs. So, anytime they think about cleaning a shirt, hemming some pants, or getting a coffee stain out of a duvet, they think about ZIPS.

ZIPS Provides Superior Training and Support

ZIPS provides comprehensive training to each of our franchisees, including in classroom and on-site. We’re with you on your opening day, teaching you exactly how to get your hands wet. We also give you ongoing support, showing you what it takes to make customers happy and helping you make your ZIPS the best it can be.

When you’re weighing your options and making the tough choice on how best to start your new business, consider everything you get from any franchisor and whether you could get by without the support, proven business model, and multiple revenue streams of a franchise like ZIPS. Then get in touch with us. We’ll further prove why ZIPS stands apart from other franchise opportunities.


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