Why Choose Us?


7 – No Industry Leader
Dry cleaning is a fragmented industry – often times you’re competing with no-name cleaners down the street. ZIPS® price and service has proved to be worth the drive.
8 – Environmentally Friendly
We have cut 90% of the waste of the average cleaner. We also use a green dry cleaning solution, use bio degradable bags, and offer hanger recycling at every location.
9 – Investment Level
A ZIPS® franchise initial investment level, on average, ranges from $855,350-$1,139,600 (in accordance with the terms illustrated in Item 7 of the current FDD).
10 – Attractive to Customers
Our stores are clean and BIG – 3,000–4,000 sq. ft. Customers are entertained with ZIPSTV – promotions and helpful tips – shown on flat screens at every location.